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With effect from 1 April 2008 the Workmen’s Compensation Act is renamed to Work Injury Compensation Act with the following salient changes:

  1. Extends to cover all employees (no salary cap on manual and non manual workers).
  2. Removal of sub limits on employer’s liability for hospital charges.
  3. The employer’s maximum liability for the medical expenses (for both hospitalisation & outpatient) is cap up to a one-year time cap or a global sum of $36,000 cap per employee per accident, whichever is reached earlier.

For more information please refer to MOM website:

  1. To file a report to both the MOM and the Insurers within the time stipulated below

What to report

What to report Reporting Timeline
Where the accident results in death of an employee Within 10 days of occurrence
Where the accident results in any incapacity that renders the employee unfit for work for more than 3 consecutive days or hospitalized for at least 24 hours
Where Employee contracts an occupational disease
  1. Employers can submit the accident report to MOM using the iReport system on the MOM website
    Important Note: Failure to report a work-related accident is an offence, which carries a fine of up to $5,000 for the first-time offence, and a fine of up to $10,000 and/or jail term up to 6 months for subsequent offences.
  2. To submit the following when you are filing a work injury compensation claim: –
    1. Complete the Work Injury Compensation Claim Form.
    2. I-Report made to MOM.
    3. Photocopy of identity card and/or work permit.
    4. Original medical bills and/or certificates.
    5. Pay slips to support the injured worker’s salary for the 12 calendar months prior to the accident. (Earnings during the month of the accident and the month the injured employee joined cannot be considered).
    6. Medical report and/or inpatient discharge summary (if possible).
    7. If the injured person is not your direct employee, please submit the relevant contracts to establish that the direct employer is your sub-contractor.

    If the injured person is your direct employee and injured at a project worksite, please submit all the relevant contracts relating to the project.

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