Travel Insurance – Claim Procedure

Please note that this procedure is only intended as a guide. Each claim submitted to ERGO will be reviewed based on its own merits in accordance with the concerned policy terms and conditions. We reserve our right to request for additional documents and/or information on a case-by-case basis.

To ensure speedy claims processing, please follow the below guidelines: 

  1. All Claims Notification must be sent to ERGO Insurance Pte. Ltd. in Singapore within 30 days after the occurrence of any event which may give rise to a claim. Notification could be verbal or written, followed by the completed claim form;
  2. For general claims enquiries, please call 6829 9199 from 08.30am to 05.30pm, Monday to Friday except public holidays.
  3. To enable the Claims Department to process the claim at its best, the following information should be provided at the time of notification:
    (a) Policy Number
    (b) Circumstances of the accident/loss
    (c) Date/Place of accident/loss
    (d) Extent of loss
    (e) The type of coverage provided

For Emergency Medical Assistance, please call our ERGO Assistance Hotline at 6238 9909. (Please note that general claims enquiries will not be serviced at this number.)

1) Copy of your passport / travel documents showing your booking dates, departure dates and return dates to enable us to validate your trip and policy entitlements.

1) Original medical bills and receipts / invoices please assign number to the receipts / invoices and put that number in the column headed receipt number while filling the claim form.

2) Original bills and receipts / invoices for amount claimed for additional travelling and accommodation expenses. Supplementary accommodation and travel should have been pre-approved by ERGO Emergency Hotline before costs were incurred. If you have not taken preauthorisation for these costs then you must submit an explanation.

3) Medical Report / Inpatient Discharge Summary detailing the diagnosis and treatment received.

4) Original phone bills (for Emergency Telephone Expenses benefit only).

1) Death Certificate, if applicable.

2) Autopsy and Toxicology Report, if applicable.

3) Medical Specialist Report on sustained Permanent Disability.

4) Motor Accident report / police report & findings for road traffic accidents only.

5) Copy of grant of probate (if there is a Will) / letters of administration (in Intestacy).

6) Child’s birth certificate (for Child Education Protection Benefit).

1) Accommodation and tour booking invoices showing your booking dates, departure dates and return dates and amount paid to enable us to validate your trip and policy entitlements.

2) Cancellation invoices for each portion of your trip / holiday. For example flights, accommodation and tours. These cancellation invoices should show the portion of the trip / holiday cancelled or not used and detailing the amount you have been charged for cancelling or confirming no refund has been provided. Your trip booking agent / travel agent may be in a position to provide you with these cancellation invoices for insurance purposes.

3) The enclosed medical certificate completed by the registered General Practitioner / Specialist of the individual whose medical condition has given rise to this claim.

4) Copy of the death certificate (for cancellation / postponement / curtailment due to death).

5) Copy of grant of probate / letters of administration (if the deceased was an insured person).

6) Proof of relationship to Insured.

7) Original booking invoice, proof of deposit and documents showing proof of insolvency of tour agent in Singapore (for cancellation due to insolvency).

8) Written evidence / explanation of the incident or circumstances that have resulted in the submission of your claim if the cancellation, curtailment or postponement of your trip happened for a reason other than those mentioned above.

1) Receipts for travel, accommodation expenses incurred in obtaining a replacement passport or travel document.

2) Receipts issued from the consulate for the replacement / temporary passports.

3) A police report, tour operators / hotel / representative report, crime reference number filed within 24 hours of occurrence.

4) If your cards were lost or stolen, please provide written confirmation from your card issuer showing the date you advised them of the loss or theft (for Fraudulent Credit Card Usage benefit).

5) Bank letter to policyholder advising outcome of their investigation on disputed transactions.

1) A police report, tour operators / hotel / representative report, crime reference number filed within 24 hours of occurrence.

2) If the claim is for property lost, stolen or damaged whilst in the custody of a carrier please send used travel tickets and/or baggage tags, airline Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and any correspondence from the customer services unit of the airline acknowledging the loss or offering reimbursement.

3) Proof of ownership / purchase in the form of original receipts for all the items claimed. In the absence of receipts, instruction manuals, packaging, bank statements or photographs will be considered.

4) Written confirmation stating the item/s cannot be economically repaired or repair estimate from a reputable retailer alternatively you can send the damaged items to us at your own cost for our inspection.

1) Written confirmation from the airline or transport carrier of the cause and length of the delay you experienced.

2) Copy of itinerary supplied (if any).

3) Air ticket, transport and boarding pass.

1) The Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from the Airline along with acknowledgement receipt of baggage received.

2) Air ticket or boarding pass(es) and acknowledgement receipt of baggage received.

Note: If an airline was in possession of your baggage when the loss occurred, please ensure that you contact them directly to report the incident.

1) Witness or third party details involved in the incident.

2) Details of any solicitor you have instructed (please note we are able to provide legal representation on your behalf).

3) All correspondence received from any 3rd party or their representatives.

4) Photographs of damage.

5) A copy of the rental vehicle agreement and repair invoice (applicable for rental vehicle excess claim).

6) Related police report, if available.

Note: Document(s) in foreign language except in the local working language (i.e. English) is to be translated at your own expense before submitting. Do not admit any liability or make any offer, promise or payment without our prior consent.

1) Police report / results.

2) Loss report by credit card company.

3) Copy of statement issued by the issuing bank showing the record of unauthorized use of credit card including date and time of notification of loss.

1) Photographs of damage.

2) Police report / results.

3) Original invoices / purchase receipt of items.

4) Quotation for repair / replacement.

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