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Why buy an individual retail policy every time your employee travels abroad when you can buy a single policy for all your people?

Business travel is an essential part of almost every organisation. Every business trip is an investment for any company and we understand that your employees are one of your company’s most valuable assets.

Travelling worldwide comes with certain risks and responsibilities. Your employees’ travel can be compromised by trip cancellations, lost baggage and travel documents, personal accidents, even a hospital stay in a foreign land. It can even amount to an employee being replaced due to an illness or missing a meeting because of a delayed trip. TravelProtect Corporate guards your company against these risks.

TravelProtect Corporate offers your company corporate travel plans that cover any accident, sickness, loss and even medical attention in an emergency that may occur while travelling, allowing your employees to travel with complete peace of mind.

  1. Personal deviation and/or any trip for personal purposes whether before, during or immediately after the business trip are automatically covered.
  2. Optional leisure travel coverage.
  3. Complimentary leisure travel extension for senior management (director and above).
  4. Cover for business trip up to maximum of 182 days (and no sub-limit applicable for personal deviation).
  5. Covers valid for multiple trips.
  6. Home Leave Extension of up to 30 days for expatriates.
  7. Automatic Extension of coverage period up to 30 days due to Hospitalisation and/ or Quarantine.
  8. Option to choose different insurance plans for employees and different coverage limits.
  9. Minimum administrative burdens and cost saving to you.
  10. 24-hour Worldwide Medical & Emergency Assistance through multilingual facilities.
  11. 24-hour Travel Information.
Each Corporate Travel Insurance policy is for an entire year. During this year, all single overseas trips (not exceeding 182 days) made by each and any employee is covered.

Under TravelProtect Corporate we currently have four plans (Plan A, B, C and D) which the company can opt for.

Click here to view various plans with the complete list of benefits and coverage amounts, premium amounts for all destinations, plan types and areas of cover.

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This product is designed for companies where numerous employees make overseas trips, each trip lasting for not more than 182 days. TravelProtect Corporate lets your employees travel the world with peace of mind and the assurance that they have comprehensive protection.

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